Couplers & collimators

SUSS MicroOptics' linear arrays: ideal for focussing and collimation

Circular microlenses are the main component of a typical optocoupler, connecting two optic fibers together. Single mode fibers in particular require high quality lenses to maximise coupling efficiency.

SUSS MicroOptics’ linear arrays are used in Datacom/telecom applications including ROADM, WSS, MUX, DEMU, TOSA, ROSA and BOSA.

Depending on whether you are focussing into a single mode or a multimode fiber, you will need numerical aperture to match. Typically the focussed spot should be the same as the fiber core size and the incident cone angle should be less than sin-1 NA. For efficient single mode coupling the incident field distribution must match the fiber mode.

Fiber coupling

Suss MicroOptics’ microlens arrays can be used to couple light into the fiber, and to pre-collimate the beam to make it easier to focus accurately. Our off-the-shelf arrays in silicon and fused silica use standard industry parameters for pitch and a range of lens curvatures to fulfil most standard set-ups.

Suss’ microlenses focus and /or collimate illumination sources for a wide range of other demanding applications too, from deep UV Excimer lasers for photolithography and eye surgery to high power laser machining tools.