Payment & shipping

Shipping costs 

Parts are shipped using our courier account (eg. DHL or UPS) and the following charges apply. We will notify you and provide the tracking number when the part(s) are shipped.  

Please note that shipping costs are for one shipment to a single destination.

If you order multiple items and some are out of stock, we will notify you and you may decide whether to wait for both items to be shipped together, or ask us to ship the available items immediately and receive the other items when they are available, the latter being shipped at our own cost.

€   15    Switzerland

€   85    Western Europe

€ 100    US & Canada

€ 120    Rest of World


Credit card payment

If you prefer to pay by credit card, use this link.

Please use the reference number given in your order as the payment reference.



If the part you received is damaged or defective, please contact us at support.smo (at) 


High volume and repeat orders

Please let us know if you require a high volume or repeat orders of particular parts. We may be able to offer different pricing and will endeavor to notify you should we decide to withdraw the product from sale.  Contact sales.smo (at)


Custom microoptics

SUSS MicroOptics manufactures refractive and diffractive optics on wafer scale with multiple delivery options. Please contact us for further information at sales.smo (at)



For inquiries about existing orders please contact support.smo (at)