Couplers & collimators

Couplers & collimators


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AR Coating description 1250-1620nm; R<0.5%; T>98.0%; AOI=0-15° - both sides
Clear aperture (mm) 0.42
Conic 0
Design wavelength (nm) 1550
Lens diameter (mm) 0.69
Lens layout 1 x 4 linear array
Lens sag (mm) 0.0187
Lens type circular
Material silicon
MFD - Source (mm) 0.0104
MFD - Target (mm) 0.250
Piece length (mm) 4.45
Piece width (mm) 2.2
Pitch (mm) 0.75
ROC (mm) 3.2 ± 3%
Suggested application Couplers & collimators
Thickness (mm) 0.5
Working distance (mm) 1.143

Linear arrays are centred on the part and surrounded by inactive "dummy" lenses.

Mode field diameter (MFD) and working distances are provided for general guidance only.

AR coatings interface with air unless otherwise stated.

ROC = Radius of Curvature of the microlens